For my first post I decided, on a whim, that I would like to look at some of the spread of chords in Beatles songs. I am using a copy of ‘The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook’, and have been counting the number of chords used, along with other related information. The first few things:

Across the first 13 songs, every song has a chord that wasn’t in the previous song

The song I have found so far with the most chords is You Never Give Me Your Money, with 28 chords (the chord chart takes up the first half of the page in this song’s book entry)

Across the first 50 songs are 133 different chords

I haven’t finished counting (there are almost 200 songs in the book), and I haven’t yet double checked these figures to ensure they are correct, so it is possible that I am wrong in some cases, but it does show how masterful the Beatles were; I mean, who would think to use the chord D#m7b5 in their song?