Interactive Fiction

In my last post, I mentioned that I write interactive fiction, or at least have made an attempt at it in the past. I still do, but have momentarily (the year and a half long kind of momentary) been sidetracked by a hundred other random things, most of them my fault. The first big adventure I tried to make was a text adventure of Eragon, but I never got very far with that. That was five or six years ago. A few years later, around 2012, I started writing a new text adventure – at first, I was going to make my own story, but I scrapped that and decided to make a text adventure version of the Harry Potter books. I decided to make the books into parts, because my over enthusiasm meant that I would have a hard time trying to fit it into one playable game, as it would get too large.

I started by making the first chapter of the philosopher’s stone into a game. I knew that this chapter would make a boring game, as the main character is Uncle Vernon and you haven’t met Harry yet, but I had two reasons for still including it. Firstly, it would make a good learning experience, as I used it as an opportunity to learn how to use the program Inform 7, which I used to make the game. Secondly, the boringness of Uncle Vernon’s character meant I could compensate by making the first chapter slightly ridiculous. For example, you can wear a muumuu if you feel so inclined, or some wizard’s robes. There are also various bits of Harry Potter paraphernalia around the game to find. I know it is kind of stupid, but I had a lot of fun making it. I am currently working on the second part of the game, chapters 2-5, since I didn’t want to make one game for every chapter.

If you want to play my text adventures online, you can go to , or you can go to my github account to find the code for it. My user name is ojzcroc. Tell me what you think, including commenting about bugs and errors. If you need help (which will be my fault most of the time), feel free to ask.


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