Pythagoras 2

It’s been a while, but I have something interesting to show for it. (for those who don’t know, a pythagorean triple is 3 integers that fit the format a2+b2=c2). I’ve mentioned my work on pythagorean triples before hand, and now I have some more to show for it. To this point, there are 2 interesting tidbits I have found from my work.

1: all natural numbers larger than 3 can be part of at least one pythagorean triple

2: I have found a method for finding all the pythagorean triples a given integer can fit into (as ‘a’, not ‘b’ or ‘c’). This method is a little complicated, so I made a python program for it. The link is here for those interested.

Basic rundown of the program’s main functions:

alltriples(n) will give you a list of all the triples that n fits into as an ‘a’ value.

Most() starts running through a list of integers, and marks the ones that are in the most triples so far.

MostTriples(n) lists the number of triples that n fits into.

The rest of the functions are mainly there to support those three.

I am planning on doing a proper write up of my idea, so I will put that here when I’m done.


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