It seems to be happening more and more often; during a moment of boredom and desperation for distraction (school work, you see), a friend approached me with a task. He wants to make a zombie game – not any simple, single player nonsense, but a “realistic” (for a zombie game) multiplayer online game with high detail and impressive zombie AI systems.

After forcibly restraining my eyes to prevent them rolling, I asked if I could help with his highly ambitious project. And so it came to be that I was on my computer, late into the night, making weapons models. I have some experience with blender (I’ve mentioned this before), but I still wanted to start small. I started off with a simple crowbar:

Crowbar render

After some back and forth, I improved the design a little:

Crowbar render 2

Nextly (inventing words is not my forte) I created a kitchen knife. After a few revisions, and suggestions from the team, I got this:

Knife 7.png

And here’s a few more.

Fireaxe render 2.png


The bullet’s not that great, I know, but that can be remedied.