Neural Networks and James Joyce

Neural Networks are one of my favourite parts of computing – they allow you to do an incredible range of things, from turning handwriting into text, to creating mildly incoherent literature. I’ve played around with creating one before, to count syllables for a haiku generator. That didn’t work so well, so I’ve decided to play around with one already written by someone else, and see what I can do with it.

The first thing I thought of was to make a haiku generating neural network, but it’s hard to find databases with text files of thousands of haiku. Instead, I’ve decided to train it on James Joyce novels. Andrej’s Github (linked above) gives a really good overview of what you need to do to get his neural network up and running, so i’ll leave that bit out.

Here is a large chunk of text created after feeding it Ulysses and Finnegan’s wake. It’s part of my plan to ultimately feed it all of Joyce’s novels, and then create a full length book of wonderful gibberish. (Note that I did edit it a little bit, to clean up a few words that were close to English words, fix dialogue formatting and so on. However, the vast majority of the text came out as is.)


Ond of our welling, or, bellown her poor smile reflections, sick laid times. Mine decent. Mower otherland faintemptal of the moment. Began theses it sleeps all the ground, changediant. And give it all design, four, says I. All poor Auxious and those new hospedes. You harp, me, by Planathic and Lastian you are. Think and this bam! I got endaring tell you before was illumemaxe. Thus merchersqueter city I tell you if that what do pract about up in your namehund all when I saw our tempsimst what I want member for her Bukeen in a piarse washing from their still awn. And the lie of best hell curls earth witching oblivionadies is, was the steady like a witnessing elemention, inner men falling particularly for says, caskin and tin, few risequality of Someval and a holeby and jerries, like the its the-pen? Hence dutely turtangled a bing and at Phorns, exqueacely, capabudhy hendragd of quotiles, the desertal warm?

Goziasbob, make of the being crockedly.

B Trowlow, life, thats the tiny though the suited of cuscold of during trust up for maral day. Without take. Docald that was gone to the fog papart. Most, used to still. She sgreebed fork on, sir Listen, dardneasty, lifts the score of widow down. Cover of Stone, on Germanin, reclinet of a dretch, drump his full out. And then kept cone or pure to be. But the greatest shall he woomand of dirty relisty and the from dumapoithal opportudity of the Irish scanner but. A king he was to come to, I am somethymonially empressed to the aqueing like that I believe. We be sure to believe the falls of grass.

The landy fan of them, he get the black warmer will. Chronicent eye could prink out. Chich. Lenthers hot. Princes. Guines and pearsered. And was the bed. The axk of his blisterer than an intercest the bucket up as bands in his wickengliat skill for home in the sad only Granegrum dog. She never getting. He walked as her head it slipped in it. In an overman kind, he hout him not too or he bered note, D. D. Linen, did you unespear your own joy. Tep, young Chay Conny Supice bow, domeded. And that’s neigh had he ute read it official particup? Lautor be the powdering kindling of the jatgine, our life of Lord, throuth, round of casted conternation, that man of the lunity: auntly that saving drained tight his slope policy taden. A Care of Santria. Jame.


(Ghim n-num!), ampaying.

Byrobs but expervatolic, was an oult the language of the slender with a perfection of carriages he had booking a understand. Yes, so pledge it. He truvy fallen to her hear, thinks of her ekenor, sure a lights. Polerens for the bally horse. Whane accondobility. What instantal fom?

And the editor song with his face with Carrie Hell by Geravan Deep Brounty and Ragh in Tittedytown and Value. Upshungtyn! What’s a bumpermip. It was like the Mrs Vunsia Astamaters for Phoinebald Necker deepmanzamege. Pupplon your Bibback o’el destrdine! My bed ay, Oarstander, league wearine and she drams her artun. The Dertime Hesities in the road husband where when Now the Dane muss are a novey lose a hair and heavy lyangers and decorsed sodnets bent from Longson what shootieved they say with very morris passes weary to enough, the boy of the bargles of saw his creature, his biggen kiss of the tickey! Never raught adminse and by any my womescury has a queag exchange of her handglaw and out and putty from the traced Goodwore and shiny Gomman chip dearly courts to the buckosh of his holm upout or knew its assived the bleomer of the unglights.

Go company what you can nest that beauty. Won’t you will have youthering? And he was shall be on fact symeony shrue coyles. You were so much there’s percrube ye presented by minimittents is in the insole with him for a swell but latellaps for you like itce of a none haven betweens off I bades, rottening upon veltandy on anyankee out from his belhap on ponaglo. Lorse of her nearies!, for your blecerester, a law of shaliss game, he slips him into fluxed who would he have set tingalloute, vasotically thing making a boagh and what, embracing a candle mirroro be a liversent brunch detriction, the scennie togavull said to his parks crown tea forgetting ouiser done know, and, will be to be friend of a phoxuda, his shimmosies, he is, the nose will would perfume toung for meau it’s for the sense of posuy of medriminal its with a lohewallow’s kettered airs daily guide gomp in the treacle than the whole dabbog Irouth also, as Forgively Norpanate too in the Samllon’s reflex.

106 Excellen Rysultena, all bought four of cricket potatos, the deramous, kinden stradar of the tarars, and their taile’s word of the kronit of time to bleed a ring, the Alehus and Unius Iqusaltium Roberts (ricky and hearf!) by artrelle of ropes at all, on the fablest accent-one, hes revelue crickundement phoenimaustum ti effus, and with kind of a tripulaty, say her are, both the old, he nikeled, of lightful mouth, my gaaly lands and browning towartun in reality would a burden and they sturs herd of Timbledge. Too humid old herrings, with young retroons of covens and besmany, allogingling, to prodol, opposite yeanest of Gran more keack, Inverte Kilbare street, villerable, engaged from in his readybagesleeves, chegapillips passing the baters for the ragues of which the spure of bloods trickled the ground on the way, affinion. The katean hand, to come tattalist) made angoght?


And won, he had being like brother, Knockling risabaldto speaker women right oneseeses. And he preasant at least a catchel sustrier. Never he isnt these fifty royal more rolling much draws easy bloods like this is it all home us everyone. I dead nice, Cathor and the one boy of that is, if writes to alood him he sure iver the yard there ne dreams off to gay up to the hair. When cheeriard wasted to discolded cut other so stride, garden, our winkingance of lines of Eura, cupisohis. The lights is canal utcum for evidenl by the night of his collision an all the citicians, being was bounds, that explainant facusion in a justpinate itch to take waxent Namiles and Cabbers that you came to which I supper those other of her better it to Mosses Through the Tara of the grouns?

Rock with a brief. Now, set to her flees, cattle a few disappeals, an accordiestandity. He could trip. And then let you be precinstangs, these cometines to the ragea Wild tippo on the grey on their steampown, bailing in his prophecard whendewing at passfear in nuckle gloomer, agarned on barrels with a treathic wouldnuck noughted some his ears he is for some Homouncens old Bushed, awarthie Mist Osk so gent newsed way, this is lever cfult slumply haped from the bed, near it miringialy saltaluring: commerdialments! Back suckles, no obes bacon he never looked as they feel speaks like Anel! Might! a Shaved tayd him! This is the silent money nor saying! I’ll be beer! Fantane! Vodamition!

What dibble fruit? With soance with herbell spit out hydes didn’t forecelers, Madam veil (who are do, the keep, if the discretches famous, all and blunking, among his endkish good down to talker by his fair; hordenders he was the ballogbirth Reud laehander’s head overchane who were Markarstan look all loved with the twenty of the national philamp for the ecat’s talk a demonts would ever never mustncoats a little of her confirmanquectuous tangler’s agreezed mortal uncle apployold fairford. Romyll!) have reremanding from the brandner and every ceneral and occultiontipams has handed at the sea; every hook, fact the Anngea’s angel’s lays, before Horoave Ann!

I think all the famons of being printed two and highly prophetant and offersed powerlessing allborigh to whisttim lato in her girmstersess with my supecrovious. I am their biff excellent gurry; Paxty Don Adame. Bringsciffiers thigh and his offfices transmitted to billoa. Scales on his coppy light, dillon on her landside and cloud of a censivite too, a week suipla, wandered birds out and greening ducky. A baracle of Harron muchpiple. Be duries to. He cried into a statues and porkers pinpet, difficieded to his delectors of mascibles dairy tummys treecome. The half afterment becomes buys secous progrouted fearure listening.

Old this every actual elkbeer it often only and be freed. You’re nothing more. Whoever unto very air changeleg of that way to you to peach. Mo! Say your grass, they rose the field spang. Clouden. For the verst of my last.

CONNGUJ: Pontin garbery, rure your ladies. Cocish one.

FLORRY: (Egibs markest him!) is fougrassold. To press in his son, not he could.

It come to Mrs John Conmee op a female notmany turned down a waste century had nature to pruk as beginned a man on the blif or wolked basket of man. With her full fellow doing a gig, so in the pignocithous dangered ghouldhest pictures than the childhood, lamps in the canvales: sure, chrisp, sighed his loathaturs. And if the insure of that, not geds to be utricate. By an Iren and dark open himself. Sam droppeding sceams Breezo, me and Dixty brick as a bonchel, the familias says. Acquaintual to their way with the barnskins with a high fearness of an appostolotime mangher or the grandness bloody from a blue to a man. But the very doors when air swang her nersaken tear the same astoresarway on capfire and the other pardoning.

And when Railer I will not mind his fitgotters oaks, to back in my. Shuck him my hearth is to tolliso under soas of murmur, fell in it! O befoal, (‘Mon’t! Struck spite premise shall saw! In the untis! I’ve got there’s vawas’ love wooling alm! Do you!) Of comes your with the mick right on the pieces dear with their cultoric door and what does crop night went his lilly sugues in a dare than Gods. To the man weksagger, not crown. Must have dead. Impersena dods coddemines.

BLOOM: What evening.

Sweed on Grane cry poetry in stafpening. Still he heard. Come again, the young lives bad born moved in a row, near Eass Mardest. That sure your own vouch to misand the head what. Davbly interrecomen, insome end of life, so, he had but an Ireland theres not about time over our still hair poured off since I trickly and sups it so fasse her distropted brillit for the beds in same day in the song photogal on the utan coming hope most productious Weaky up Panis, Cighosies, the rock. Plack the halfiner storm eyes of latrary. A big idea.

J. J. O’Molloy resident of Cormes when sized to do to him for that. Mr Dedalus burst the late about the almetion. (He wandered: disappears, it purpose that any dehalt latelycle of her conment appoat listenayions world. It dying that hare 11 I for forgist for Mosiar ibut Stebark’s streets it something his reflection he going now to look at the faminal past black he nightly all round one that was the diregat De Semon in his head when we much treephara for the moment horse with foxius open daminal for walker the word I wished hes to helpech Stephen had not seeing the wall in two violets dear to happened the payince Him out him. But it wasn’t this thing suit of redmoat You know, this increasent and thinking Rathon O’Sladowell and Iriships there bought the two strings at the rest.

To live. The only middened at the outside. Of widow is. Womet. Clat us out of him for you, gentleman asked. All things we’ll sir her, sir. That’s rotten a drums of the poor famian, so they late nor on these song. Methabius folting on their trouble. Garent table red? Ah, there’s night over, jaunty, this, she is always and out. Anyhow, gone. A modoury house which. Though he has tall, hure and piece whenever obliving a young pheside Limian Strasined cures throats, extended animals: good high. Secret your servant mother. The window of sharry, as I disappose he was picup in gum. Mrs Lipath and Cousin Out of Day Densy Shordard slipher. Talking Willy Deady

SEPHE TEENTRRAN: Hide not, Sliss, lamps it. Quick he, the thing door. Mouth of lord Leicoeran only Mary Tannyou dead of the possibility of the dominically flesh materhucal oppositor, solutions of a hawface universal of a fork, strangers right.

Ah, age not two old cow of yead and themselvesed, colour, towards. Night. Capiele limble, remember: the ochlands witnesspress. Concove! Looks and glass famar of toothor’s. You’re wordshot as all over the time. Father Co Mage Am Light Caftre Giddare Go, cared there was one text long wripped there womet males oblices pounds and only song to his wissup as an esthent the nooroouchies and blood disclassing maguintal could slow expressions’ impenum lest pasi to his nails, dangling up a dendingcene.

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BELLA: (Lamply.) My finger jerked. In anger tomorrow were they have along these longythings to low pake. The rank say her sleep, cascult.


BLOOM: (Sape under an arreged suffering his clought that vaning fouls.) Make! Mully agreed. Yes. You know that came more and last all love to out by God, yes. Don’t hand I thrush cheller what you know one stomary who, the bug something. It saying Mrs Mickels, Crusue Stephen delight the valour from the noghtare dispenier of obscerifies.

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BLOOM: (ats his glance of spages.) A crean. Consomptaming childroppech. I am a commercial. Previdication. Take I would here, joymels off went to the baby. Every faglette soundbush of Pitsy O. Nelscarn in Willy Shebrame buys is it who to attendant it rose in that big on to gues walked to an.

(the cake’ve that evened though it has many risides. Tashed.)


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Along whom the windour, stuck in a red or appeared its blond ring mirror upon again? New hastible of all in Independed Lunion undollered Mr Bloom and long fox indisticcutalation of teacy, his it go there in ascentions to lay up to the face open the fireways hunglejached glancers production. Let me search that norouslate being some broken whom her words so to excige his dum fordling amid with disculler into the skutt an amid limited chindle jaunt the thirst earlaxing the old writing a cloudder schould statement whispence from a bable screamer, bearing to the approachitity of the images and sable or a rose hempering in an appository: nutconnellainty, scoating into the art.

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BLOOM: (Monomally, Blems urbons.) O more essuble but it was words. Isle, there funning from urget off Milly’s weaken back whirred. Air they know how the door of the back steps to pues you.

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The park. This morning secret is of a joggley before has lombody woman, Bloom the grave street. Al evenyboth of Basin Ouartin Cork phantye. The cheek Isladyo Ello’s. Lord for the amoctions esugated with you returned to the water of navesath off the subsoff the polishophiry believeries of drunk, with woman, anima extipedic cales on the emardencies of the Gazewailia laps. Good two Jogstates Lacegan Relinst Twints of getting and safe he could serumentell quick borge, standape.

What coincidence of Ugnisitt of the O’Derole, Berch and Bellet or Douring, Stoped, Word Haches, Millage Missill, Daybriene K. Yames dored caluse, any the terrisident poor time those names? At Bloom’s major of school, involved Dublin of Sin turne’s, bear, a check’s address and Coggewick, Noughts Sea why not even the did not believe to the place in ray dancing the faith, rutk why have that printy open’t and thing was a gentle of her by whole? Who quest cots of field impulled dosthrimon, in the field on lien from the operathmater of russanguilish of its consequence. South the end often scannal tucker to the foot of the Glencree Tomy was walccinating me.

The couples believe: made the tank. Then the last ignorance who hearly lovely a cramping rotten: bar to the house from me. And Milliess paid of other time Grighdilled assost. Burkled Jamman John Heighes like grouce, prayed me called him humbly. Shame trive he was consumed.


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