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Zombie game, by S.O. Cliche

It seems to be happening more and more often; during a moment of boredom and desperation for distraction (school work, you see), a friend approached me with a task. He wants to make a zombie game – not any simple, single player nonsense, but a “realistic” (for a zombie game) multiplayer online game with high detail and impressive zombie AI systems.

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3d Printer

I have a 3d printer! it’s small and green and adorable. I’ve mostly been printing small things with it at the moment, little models and things, but I have tried making a few functional pieces, such as a little replacement plastic pivot thingy for our fridge that allows one of the interior lids to open and close properly.

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3D printing

3d printing is an interesting new technology that allows you to build an object up, 1 layer at a time, from a 3d model. There are a few main kinds of 3d printing, but the most common is FDM. FDM, or fuse deposition modeling, is the simplest, as it basically consists of a fancy plastic extruder and some motors that move the head around in 3 axes, allowing it to draw shapes with the plastic, move the head up a little bit, and draw a new shape, slowly creating a (normally plastic) 3d object.

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I have a tendency to get really interested in projects for a few months, then move onto another one. One project I tend to do on and off is making things in Blender, a program for 3d designing. Here are some things that I made. Some of them had help from tutorials, some without, and some are modified versions of other people’s designs (such as the phone case).

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