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Here, have some music.


Four chord song

This is a relatively short post about an interesting article I found about the four chord song. This is the first part (the article comes in several parts, the others are linked in the post):

Four chord song article

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Zimbabwean dollar

In this post I am going to talk about something that I have no reason to be interested in other than novelty value; the Zimbabwean dollar. You probably know that not all currencies are worth the same amount, and that the exchange rate from currency to currency fluctuates over time. Zimbabwe has the dubious honor of having the worst inflation rate, and the least valuable currency of all time; You can now buy 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar notes, which at the worst point were probably worth about the same as a few US Dollars.

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As you can presumably tell, I normally speak English (I try to, at least.) I also spent 11 years learning Japanese, although I’m still approximately rubbish at it. I decided, frivolously,  to also try and learn Elvish. As in, Lord of The Rings Elvish. It is an actual language, or to be more correct, several languages; Tolkien, the writer of the Lord of The Rings, was a philologist, and created the books as a back story for his languages.

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Python BlackJack attempt

Today, when I was having a study(free) period, I was asked by a friend to help him with a python program. The program was a text version of Texas holdem poker, and he needed help to do something about identifying the highest card in each person’s hand. After that problem was solved, I decided that a card game would make a good python program, so I decided to make my own, but instead to make a version using BlackJack.

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Interactive Fiction

In my last post, I mentioned that I write interactive fiction, or at least have made an attempt at it in the past. I still do, but have momentarily (the year and a half long kind of momentary) been sidetracked by a hundred other random things, most of them my fault. The first big adventure I tried to make was a text adventure of Eragon, but I never got very far with that. That was five or six years ago. A few years later, around 2012, I started writing a new text adventure – at first, I was going to make my own story, but I scrapped that and decided to make a text adventure version of the Harry Potter books. I decided to make the books into parts, because my over enthusiasm meant that I would have a hard time trying to fit it into one playable game, as it would get too large.

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IFComp 2014

One of the things included in the ‘More’ from the title of the blog is interactive fiction. Interactive fiction is a kind of game where you mostly use words and read descriptions and results of actions from the screen, instead of pictures and graphics. If you want to learn more you can look it up online, but this is a good place to start: . The website this page is hosted on,, is the website for a software tool called inform 7, which is used for writing interactive fiction.

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Chord Variation in the Beatles

For my first post I decided, on a whim, that I would like to look at some of the spread of chords in Beatles songs. I am using a copy of ‘The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook’, and have been counting the number of chords used, along with other related information. The first few things:

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